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Managing a rental property takes a lot of time and effort. Tenant turnover is a costly process when a tenant vacates. Restoring the property to its best condition for the next tenant can be expensive... Deep cleaning, patching and repainting, basic maintenance, etc. 

You then have to go through the hassle of marketing the property, responding to and screening prospective tenants, all while your property sits vacant, and not earning you the rental income you desire, potentially for many months. It'll cost even more in commissions if you decide to hire an agent or property management company.

Even after a new tenant has moved in, they may fail to pay on time or at all due to economic uncertainty or other material changes. There's the possibility you may have to start the costly and lengthy eviction process.

Trust us, we speak from experience.

Your home is an asset and investment you want providing you passive income and kept in great condition for the foreseeable future. That's where Kindred Stays comes in. 

Kindred Stays hopes to be your ideal tenant. Our goal is to partner with and build a long term relationship with you, and be the best and last tenant you'll ever want or need. We'll provide outstanding care for your property for years to come!

We will sign the lease in our company name and with you as the Landlord. We then sublease your property to our target clients, which include corporations and their executives, travel nurses, insurance claims housing, and others with mid-term housing needs. 

Benefits to You

  • Guaranteed Rental Income. There will always be a need for housing, so you can rest assured you'll collect your monthly rent... all without having to deal with tenant issues, repairs, or maintenance. We do the heavy lifting so you can relax and get back to living your best life!
  • Keep your hard-earned cash! We take over all the utilities for the property. No extra expenses to worry about.
  • Less Wear & Tear on Your Property. Our dedicated team of professionals clean, repair, and keep your home in tiptop condition. It's our business after all!
  • Excellent Care & Duty. It is not only our mission, but our duty, to take extra care and make sure our strict screening criteria will bring only highly qualified tenants to stay at your property.
  • Your Investment is Protected. You are double, even triple covered! You maintain your homeowner's insurance and we get the best commercial insurance policy available. Incoming tenants are also required to get an insurance policy. We collect a security deposit on top of the deposit we stashed with you at the lease signing.
  • Trust & Safety. We value the trust you have placed with us. We prioritize your peace of mind and install cameras at entry points, which monitor 24/7 for added security. In addition, smart locks allow programmed entry for authorized guests only and are deleted upon checkout.

Get Started

Step 1

Decide if working with Kindred Stays will be mutually beneficial. Contact us and let's address your concerns and questions. We'll work through the process and finalize the details together.

Step 2

Sign a lease with Kindred Stays. We'll design and furnish your property to our high quality standards, take care of the marketing, and screen quality tenants.

Step 3

Relax and get back to enjoying your life while you collect passive income. We'll take care of your property, including the cleaning, repairs, and maintenance at no additional cost to you.

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Kindred Stays is a proud partner of the Beyond Corporate Housing Network. 
Beyond CHN is a distinguished nationwide corporate housing network 

for individual companies specializing in midterm stays.